9qHHN This meme in particular took a while to grow on me; I used to think it was actually quite stupid and I just down right didn’t find it funny. After some time, I couldn’t go on Twitter without seeing someone posting about Grumpy Cat and I actually started to enjoy seeing it more and more. Now my friends and I can’t stop retweeting GC or sending pictures we find on the internet to each other. Grumpy Cat uses a really sarcastic, almost crude sense of  humor and let’s be honest, who can deny a face like that?

Grumpy Cat became an online sensation when her (yes, she’s a girl!) photo appeared on Reddit on September 22, 2012. Soon after, a number of videos were posted on Youtube and they went viral almost instantly, leading to the creation of www.grumpycats.com. GC has been a cultural revolution all thanks to cyber-space. There are almost no social media sites that haven’t been affected by the Grumpy Cat storm that has taken place in the past four and a half months. Look at Twitter for example, there are dozens of “Grumpy Cat” accounts, tweeting obscene, sarcastic remarks, with each one having between 300 and 600,000 followers. Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.18.49 AMScrolling through Pinterest or Tumblr, you are bound to stumble across one or eighteen different GC memes. She has swept the nation due to her sarcastic humor that is relatable to almost anyone; I can guarantee that at some point everyone has felt like Grumpy Cat for a day or two.

When looking at this particular meme from a semiotic approach, you can focus on the likeness of this meme and how it communicates its overall message with the general audience. It seems a bit redundant to keep bringing up the ‘language’ (and language in this case also means the tone) of GC but essentially, its what makes the meme so likeable! Each meme is different, but keeps consistent with the ‘persona’ of GC. They are all short, to the point and well lets face it, rude. But again, this is why people like Grumpy Cat so much–the posts are hilarious, relatable and understood by everyone who comes in contact with Grumpy Cat.


13 thoughts on “You Don’t Like My Blog? GOOD.

  1. I agree with and and think it’s the cats humorous face and likeness that is so likeable. Everyone has had times that they can relate to this meme extremely well and connect with it on a deeper level. I don’t think many people actually delve into why they really like memes, and would just respond with “I think they are funny.”

  2. Comment: I think this is a really good post. It also took me a while to like Grumpy Cat but after seeing it on Pinterest and Twitter so often I retweet and repin the little cutie all the time! I think it’s really interesting that GC is a girl also, good piece of info!

  3. I have literally seen this meme everywhere and I think that your interpretation of how the grumpy cat reflects how we as a society is awesome. I think the men also shows that we a society can take a moment to just laugh out ourselves.

  4. Grumpy Cat is one of my favorite memes and I completely agree with this post for a couple reasons. When you bring up the language of the meme and how it makes it more likable and also that it’s just relatable. Everyone has those days where they may not be in the best mood and are sarcastic to everyone. I could picture myself saying something like GC says all the time.

  5. Correction/Additions: Very nice and to-the-point blog post, I would have loved to hear more about how and why people relate to the GC meme so much, what are some photo examples, etc?

    This was easy to follow and definitely a meme that I noticed but never really caught on to. I remember during Christmas time seeing a GC meme where he is wearing a hat and is grumpy about christmas music, that’s an example of what people can relate to!

  6. I have seen Grumpy Cat everyone and I actually do follow it on Twitter. I can agree that at first I wasn’t much a fan but it began to grow on me and now I find it quite funny. I think it is interesting because even though some of the posts are rather rude, people can relate to them. I can see why the cat is so well liked and popular now. Great job!

  7. This goes back to what we discussed in class and our fascination with cats as meme material. You mention it being crude and sarcastic and I think that’s why these memes are so successful. It’s that tone combined with the images that works so well – because, as you said, who hasn’t felt like a Grumpy Cat and wanted to say the things these memes do but had to choose to bite our tongue instead.

  8. Well written; I aslo follow the GC, and find most of her posts as funny as everybody else does. Don’t think you left out any other points that the GC memes aim to promote!

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  10. I agree with almost everyone else here. This is a really funny meme just because of the face. People are so interested in cats and dogs and such on the internet that when a cat does something funny, it becomes an internet sensation.

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