This Meme is a picture of an asian male with a somewhat contorted facial expression which seems to be expressing a very intense emotion. I chose this particular meme for the assignment because I thought it was funny at first and couldn’t really put a finger on it why the exact reason was. The more that I thought about the picture the more that I realized the picture was slightly racist. This is mainly due to the caption underneath the picture which reads, “Impossibru!” instead of “impossible” which is clearly the message the maker of the meme was trying to get across. It is a very “off-color” or politically incorrect representation of the asian culture. I for one am not an asian man and I am slightly offended for the asian male population because I have become aware of certain stereotypes that pertain to asians, that many comedians and adult humor television shows poke fun at (South Park). This particular meme definitely pokes fun at the fact that asian males with a heavy asian accent have trouble pronouncing the letter “L” in their speech. I looked further into the “impossibru” memes, I found that many other memes were found when searching even the word “impossible” on google. Just as the first meme featured an asian male with an extreme/dramatic expression and the caption “impossibru”, so did the other meme’s, accept some were more ridiculous than others.

With that being said, it is safe to assume that the original maker of this meme found a photo of an asian man that struck him as funny and decided to make fun of the way that some asian men struggle to pronounce the english letter “L”. Perhaps the reason for poking fun such as this is to merely gain attention or create something of value that people can laugh at if they find it amusing so one could have a momentary sense of popularity/fame. I believe that there are racist implications in many of these memes because it makes fun of the way that a particular member of a race cannot fit into a specific culture (english). I for one would be offended at these memes yet I can’t help but wonder if any asian themselves would find this offensive or not.

Once more... with enthusiasm!

Once more… with enthusiasm!


5 thoughts on “Simply Impossible

  1. This is a really interesting topic; I’ve never seen this particular meme before. I have a really light sense of humor and don’t usually take offense to things easily however, I can absolutely understand how and why this meme comes off as overly offensive. These meme creators are finding the most ridiculous ‘stereotypical’ facial expression being portrayed and making fun of the Asian culture by making fun of the way they speak. This is just another example of unfair cultural stereotyping so I agree with your analysis completely!

  2. Change “accept” to “except” in last line of first paragraph, and then change “asian” to “asians” in last line of second paragraph. Other than that, well written!

  3. This meme and topic actually reminds me of some of the memes I see that poke borderline racially offensive fun at black people. Specifically, it brings to mind the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time fo Dat” meme, which I almost wrote about for my post. As racist as I think it is though, the actual woman in that meme apparently is okay with it, or is willing to accept it because she’s now getting paid. Now she’s in a dentist’s commercial. All of this brings about the question: Do those who are the direct persons featured in these slightly racist memes feel victimized or not?

  4. Like Bri said, I have a light sense of humor and don’t exactly take offense to this, but I could see where someone of Asian decent could. I do believe they’re just trying to go along with the “funny” asian stereotype, and people may not take offense to it, but it would be the same thing as someone making a meme of the way African Americas talk, as the person above stated. I believe anything directed towards a certain race is going to get criticized.

  5. This meme seems different than other memes in that it’s sole purpose seems to be ridicule. The one word focuses on mispronunciation, and I’m not sure what else to take from the meme. Unfortunately, I think this meme speaks to the ability to make something with racial overtones and attract a large audience through the web.

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