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Source: http://www.quickmeme.com/Bad-Luck-Brian/

I chose this meme because it was the first meme to really catch my attention and introduce me to the world of memes. What did they mean? What is this new phenomenon and why? This meme called “Bad Luck Brian” really opened my eyes to the new world of memes and what exactly they represent.

When I first saw this meme, I questioned whether or not it was an actual person or a celebrity. It wasn’t a celebrity that I knew of, so I thought this poor kid was an actual High-School student that is getting all of this (unfortunate) attention. Next, I began to devise a theme from the text displayed on the meme. Obviously, this is Brian and he has the absolute worst luck of anyone in the whole world. As you can see above, anything he does leads to the worst possible outcome there is.

Why is this funny? Well, these are just so drastic and incredibly dramatic. Life COULD NEVER be this bad, and no one would have luck THIS BAD…except for Brian, of course. So our generation likes to see other people fall, run into doors; they also like to see Brian have the worst unrealistic luck of his life each day. It’s just a small part that hits our funny bones; other people’s misfortunes.

This could be a bullying issue and might glorify the idea of bullying the “less fortunate”. I would never take it this serious, but it may affect some people without them realizing it. Poor Brian is probably a decent kid, who twitches at the thought of his school picture representing a horrifying meme extravaganza, but on the other hand, it could be taken lightly under his opinion. We may never know, but it could be reinstated that bullying might be glorified based on this meme and its’ popularity.

A few months ago I came across this photo where the actual boy in the meme collection is shown, wearing a Bad Luck Brian t-shirt, reppin’ two thumbs up and a large smile on his face. This answers all of our questions–he can take a joke! This photo release also caused an uproar of new memes, or just one I should say.


Who knows if this is really even him? He certainly doesn’t look like the man pictured above, but my point is that this meme started a ripple-effect of other classic ideas, and it is just amazing how technology ‘viruses’ spread like this. People can genereate their own ideas using Bad Luck Brian’s photo, and share them anywhere, people make references to this meme and even personalize the meme with a Bad Luck Whomever you know, and then it’s just a large phenomenon. You go Brian!


7 thoughts on “Bad Luck Carissa

  1. I agree with your analysis of the Bad Luck Brian meme…it’s funny because it seems so unrealistic that just one person would have SUCH bad luck. But again I agree with the idea that this could glorify bullying and this meme in particular could influence those who are so easily influenced, and make it seem that this is okay to do.

  2. I find it really interesting that we can take pretty much meaningless photograph of any person and turn it into a meme. It seems, as you indicate, that we tend to enjoy poking fun at other’s failures and peculiarities.
    However, it is good to know that some of the people whose “kodak” moments have gone viral and been turned into entertainment for the masses are so willing and accepting of the phenomenon in good humor. The fact that they found Brian today also reminds me of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme and how he capitalized on the popularity of the meme he was in, to raise money for non profits and was on the Today Show as a result.

  3. Comment- I love bad luck brian and he is extremely hilarious because of his misfortunes. I would agree that people like to see other people’s misfortunes to make light of their own. I believe that social media can be used to share memes like this just because someone had the bright idea to use that rather unfortunate looking photo in the first place and tied it with other stories of impossibly terrible luck and people like to contribute to success of any nature (private or social) just to feel a sense of belonging or sense of accomplishment.

  4. I agree with the analysis of the Bad Luck Brian meme. The meme displays how our generation uses the media, such as these images, to portray a younger boy, named Brian. Although the picture views the older Brian, one may never really now if this is actually Brian, when he was younger and if this is him now. Because the meme went viral, millions of viewers have seen the image, laughed and have dispersed it even further throughout the nation.

  5. You’re absolutely right that this meme was or still is a major one. It is one of the more popular ones and I think I heard that someone randomly took a picture of this kid at Subway or somewhere random like that. It is interesting to show how social media can completely transform someone and give you a complete different identity that you actually fulfill. This was a really interesting example and clear one to show exactly what the internet can do, and how fast it can develop something like this.

  6. Whether or not it’s really him, the creation of the second older Brian meme makes this interesting to me. It’s remixing a visual remix. The first paragraph could be replaced with a more focused discussion on the meme itself.

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