By: Kyle Howatt

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I chose to analyze this Bad Luck Brian meme because of how humorous I found it.  It is a picture of a really goofy looking kid, someone you’d expect to be socially inept and awkward to be around, and there he is talking about what the big deal is if he gets a bad yearbook picture.  Little did he know that this image would spark an internet sensation, and therein lied the irony of the captioned text.  Bad Luck Brian is now an infamous meme about a kid who practically attracts bad luck in whatever situation people caption him in.

The goal of this Bad Luck Brian meme was to generate humor at the cost of someone’s misfortune, to which Brian was placed in.  While the situation above was not the worst possible thing that could ever happen to Brian, or to any other person, there are some Bad Luck Brian memes that could be called into question regarding their appropriateness for humor.  It is reasonable to suggest that others could create negative reactions from some of the Bad Luck Brian memes out there, like from the one below.

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People may not have taken a liking to this meme as much as to the meme displayed up top because of how tragic the Aurora, Colorado shooting was.  Creating humor out of an event like that is usually not admired by the general population, probably because of the lack of sympathy the creator of the meme showed for the people involved in the tragedy.

However, I don’t believe that these memes are purposely developed to cause offense or negativity.  I believe they are around because people find it humorous when unfortunate events (within reason) happen to others.  I think we get a better laugh out of the terrible events that Bad Luck Brian is captioned in just because of the unphotogenic picture that goes along with the meme.  Might that be stereotypical to associate someone like Brian with bad luck, resulting in more negative reactions from others or in offense being taken?  Perhaps, but in comparison to most of the Bad Luck Brian memes out there today, offensive ones are few and far between.  I say that because the Bad Luck Brian memes would not be as popular as they are now if people didn’t, for the most part, find them slightly humorous.


4 thoughts on “Bad Luck Brian

  1. comment- I agree with your analysis of the bad luck brian meme. However consider the use of an actual bad luck brian meme on this post so we could see the actual meme and relate it to the post. I would agree that bad luck brian can be seen as an unfair stereotype being applied to “nerds” or less than fortunate looking people, however how does society even know if bad luck brians name truly is brian? Furthermore, why would anyone be embarrassed about a childhood photo? Everyone is embarrassing in some stretch of the imagination at an early age as we are all human and learn every day. It only makes sense that a young male would look less than fortunate at a young age as power and wisdom come with age.

  2. I love the bad luck brian meme!

    couple things…in the last section the entire section is italicized where it doesn’t need to be and you don’t have to use quotes every time you say bad luck brian. Also….you should add a picture of the meme to your post, it would benefit a lot with a visual of the meme.

  3. The thing this really brings me back to is the empowerment of the nerd. As much as the nerds in all of us, or those that we knew, were ridiculed or poked fun at, who really is getting the last laugh?

    In the end, the majority of the truly geeky nerds I grew up with have grown into successful contributing members of society. Many are making six figure incomes or better and have great jobs and are now living great and fulfilling lives. Say what we may about the nerds, but time has tested their personality and many have aced it at life and career.

  4. There’s two things happening with the meme. Certainly there’s a bit of schadenfreude–rejoicing at another’s misfortune. However, there’s also the sense that we’re all Bad Luck Brian at one point or another. I think your conclusion–that it’s ultimately just humorous, may actually be the best summation of this particular meme. (I think the fact that one of the versions of the meme refers to the Colorado shooting is significant–and questions just how far a particular meme variant can/should go about a public tragedy. This point could be emphasized more.)
    Well written.

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