By: Theresa Costa

The reason I chose these two memes, was because they both depict similar meanings. Both memes represent how women are portrayed in the media. Today, women’s perception of their own inner beauty has diminished vigorously. In the Victoria’s Secret, “Love My Body Campaign” meme, the message that’s depicted within the image is the difference between real beauty and ideal beauty. The Dove models below the Victoria Secret models, illustrate your average woman. They show women of all race, and size. Unlike the Dove models, the Victoria Secret models display extremely thin models that seem flawless. The second meme illustrates how media is distorting our perception of beauty. With that being said, people use programs to manipulate their actual images, such as the application of Instagram. Instagram is a social media application that can edit or alter your images, by a single click of a button. In the media, advertisers often use the click of a button to manipulate and alter an image too, however that image is the human body. The images  being displayed all throughout the world, through magazines, television, and billboards are being altered through Photoshop. Again, Photoshop is another way to alter an image just by a single click.

Throughout the 21st century, images portrayed in the media have engulfed our minds and have altered our perception of beauty. This perception has been altered through the two mediums of the Internet and television. In both the memes illustrated above, both display how the images in the media can persuade our judgment. Most individuals were grown up and raised by the phrase, “never judge a book by its cover”, yet we do it everyday. Frequently, us women constantly pick ourselves apart and try to look like the “perfect” women that we see displayed in the images that we view. The most “toxic” factor about the media is that it is indeed the messenger. Advertisers promoting the products are actually selling the perfect image, and we’re buying it. Almost everything that we buy is based on our appearance and our beauty. We buy cosmetics to look beautiful, spend hundreds of dollars to get our hair done to feel pretty, buy bras from Victoria Secret because we’re basically buying the image of having big boobs and looking visually pleasing and most notably trying to attain the “perfect” image. The message that we need to grasp, is that nobody is perfect, nobody has a perfect body and nobody has the perfect image. Every individual is beautiful in his or her own way. Regardless of size, race or even appearance, we shouldn’t let the media alter our perception of beauty.


8 thoughts on “Altered Perception Of Beauty

  1. The memes chosen here are great examples reflecting upon the stereotype of how beauty is perceived in today’s generation. I think this is a concept that goes overlooked one too many times. I appreciate the comparison between the Victoria’s Secret campaign and the Dove campaign. In my opinion, it is ridiculous how beauty is so intertwined with society’s influence that it is corrupting many of our minds. One suggestion I would make is maybe considering an interesting add-on to this – How, specifically, children are impacted and how they cope with/deal with this horrible concept.

  2. I’m not quite sure who this is by, so just remember to include that at the top!

    I like that you addressed this topic and looked at it as a meme. I have seen so many memes that make fun of how insicure women are sometimes, and in reality the media has been a huge reason for that. You did well in the first paragraph addressing the background information as well as incorporating social media into the topic. The only issue I would change, is that you do not really address the first meme at all. You state that it goes along with the two photo’s below it, but do not discuss its relevance. I would go in and add a section pertaining to the Ariel picture and its relevance.

  3. I completely agree with you, and believe it or not, I myself being a male would not want a “perfect” woman like a victoria’s secret model. Women need to learn to be themselves and not cake on makeup, or act the way they are expected to by the media. The idea of photoshop and editing do not help the case. I remember reading an article that had before and after pictures of a woman who was going to be in an advertisement. The two pictures looked like completely different people, and the ordinary person who watches these commercials find these women to be the epitome of beauty. There is real beauty in being yourself.

  4. I agree with Julia, explain the Ariel meme a bit more and it can really tie all together. The hipster complaining about media but (perhaps) unknowingly still doing exactly what she complains about.

  5. Correction – more of a question. Were the Victoria Secret’s and Dove campaigns both real? I believe that they were and I would mention that in your post. The fact that two different companies presented these drastically different images should be a talking point.

  6. I think this was a really good meme to tackle. And I completely agree with you that the image that people creating these products are not realistic, many of the advertisements, if not all are touched up and altered to make the model more appealing. This video is a really good example of what you’re talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUb5PZHcovA
    And as for the actual meme about Instagram, I think that because we are so overwhelmed with advertisements that aren’t what they seem that are everyday, it’s totally acceptable and normal for us to take a picture of ourselves and alter it using a app/program like Instagram or even the new twitter photo editor, which isn’t right at all.

  7. You raise some great points here. So many wonderful women of all ages have consistently been ingrained with the belief that they’re inferior because they may not be thin enough by the standards presented in the media. Many have been victims of ruthless bullying and harsh criticism of every type and over time it takes its toll on the emotional well being and self esteem of these real ladies. Sadly so many of them choose to settle for dirt bag men who continue the cycle of degradation. The ironic thing is, not all that long ago – before mass media – women were praised for being healthier and more desirable for being more realistically shaped. This is one area where social media has helped to re-cast what it means to be a real woman and be proud. I’ve seen many friend post countless memes that explore this very issue of what it means to have a real and pride worthy body. Hopefully, the future won’t be so prejudiced.

    As a correction, you can really do some great work with what you’ve got here, but going back through another edit will undoubtedly crystallize your message.

  8. I’ll agree with many of your classmates. You should discuss these three particular memes more in depth. The depictions are certainly different and you need to articulate how that it so. I’d also talk more about Instagram to get at the significance of the first meme.

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