I chose this meme because I wanted to learn more about its origins. I always seemed to laugh at the non-verbal connection with the text. After a little research, I found that the origin of this meme comes from a show on the History Channel called Ancient Aliens, in which “alien expert” Giorgio Tsoukalos tries to explain the inexplicable as a result of aliens. People found his fake tan, wacky hairstyle, and even some of his explanations to be very humorous, so they took a screenshot and made a meme out of it.

Eventually, this meme evolved to explain situations based on stereotypes. Basically, any group would be put in text at the bottom of the meme and that would be a response meme to explain something that has been posted. For example, if there was a crazy scene with college kids running around or being passed out drunk it may show this meme below it:Image


For some reason this meme seems to visually work to explain almost any situation that seems out of the ordinary. I like how universally it fits and how it can be applied to ridiculous situations. I think that’s why mainstream memes are memes in the first 


5 thoughts on “Aliens.

  1. Jeff,

    I didn’t know that you posted this but I always found this meme to be hilarious and I totally agree that the meme is almost always associated with a situation that is awkward or out of the ordinary. I know that I’ve used it multiple times on social media to show someone that they’re just babbling away about something insignifigant. I was actually watching the history channel and I was able to watch this guy talk about aliens and the meme certainly does his personality and hair style justice.


    He didn’t always have crazy hair, he actually looked somewhat credible and through the years his hair got a little crazy….http://images.cryhavok.org/d/21877-1/Giorgio+Tsoukalos+-+Evolution+of+Hair.png

  2. Jeff, I really think you should include that picture that Derek linked to you, its hysterical. I think its a really funny meme and you did a good job with the writing.. I agree with Amanda, is there more?

  3. I always get a laugh out of seeing this guy. Got something unexplainable? Ancient aliens man! It’s also interesting because if you look back at this guy before he became popular, at the first season, he was rather normal looking. No orange tan and tamed down hair. I almost wonder, actually I would bet, that this guy thrives on being a meme. He must love the attention.

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