This video mash up (known as “Winning”) was created by the infamous Schmoyoho (also known as the Gregory Brothers), a group of men who have created dozens of mash ups which have had over millions of views on YouTube. In particular, their “Winning” video has had over 47 million.  The mash up originated from an interview with Charlie Sheen, which first aired on ”20/20” in a one-hour edition (online it is separated into part 1part 2part 3, and part 4).  One day later, a portion of the interview  aired on the “Good Morning America”. The original interview focused on Sheen’s wild partying, drug abuse, mug shot, visit to rehab, having the CBS show “Two and a Half Men” on hiatus, and many more.

During the interview, Sheen is seen in a different light than portrayed in the mash up. At first glance, he is smoking a cigarette, looking a bit disheveled, and using a low, brash tone.  Andrea Canning begins telling Sheen that “your anger and hate I think is coming off as erratic to people”. Sheen corrects Canning by saying it is not anger or hate but “passion” and goes on to say “well you borrow my brain for five seconds and just be like dude can’t handle it unplug this bastard”. That quotation is one of the many that plays a role in the mash up created by Schmoyoho. The interview is a staple for Sheen. But what about the mashup?

It is interesting to see how the actual interview differs so from the mashup. The mashup that was created is funny, entertaining, and even catchy. Sheen isn’t seen seriously, and this changes the whole context. The mashup is merely a song, something that uses a few of his comments over and over again, which then make it hilarious in a sense. But when compared to the actual interview, this makes Sheen look like two VERY different people.

It is intriguing that one video, turned into a mashup, can turn into something that has gone viral. Although the two have very different frames of references. On one hand, Sheen is seen as a man of trouble, disgust, and even crazy. On the other, he is seen as the main character for a mashup that has acquired 47 million views in which he appears to be funny, and MUCH less demeaning.



One thought on “Charlie Sheen “Winning”

  1. This offers an interesting perspective. I think your conclusion is effective: that videos like this, by changing a (troubled) real life celebrity into a character, actually diminishes negative aspects.

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