By Samantha Bachman

I chose the Disney Princess/ Mean Girls mashup because it is one of my favorite mashups.  Many have grown up with Disney movies, and many girls, with the Disney Princess movies.  Then, as a transition into our teen years the movie Mean Girls was a staple in young teen culture.  I think combining these two things were genius and hilarious at the same time.  Until this, I had never put Disney movies into the same category as the movie Mean Girls for obvious reasons, but after seeing this it makes it clear that the princess movies and Mean Girls have more in common than I thought.

Mean Girls was never a movie that glazed over teen issues, it brought them to the light.  Based in high school, the movie deals with bullying, sex, and stereotyping.  Many of these things are represented in Disney movies.  The princesses are always beautiful, wearing gowns, and in the end, it is always about a guy.  For example, in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel gives up her family, appearance and voice just to obtain the love of Prince Eric.  Bullying is also highly present in Disney movies, there is always a villain stirring up trouble. In princess movies, it is usually an older jealous woman. Again, in The Little Mermaid the Evil Ursula takes Ariel’s voice, turns herself into a beautiful woman, and tries to seduce Prince Eric with a spell so Ariel will never have her voice again.  She would be turned back into a mermaid and ultimately belong to Ursula.

The reason I think this is important to note is because, as much I love Disney movies, and I really do, I think for younger girls it can steer them in the wrong direction.  Both Mean Girls and Disney movies can put a lot of pressure on girls of different ages to be beautiful and have the coolest clothes, all in order to get the guy.  They symbolize perfection.  A lot of the time that is what high school is all about, and that’s how our culture is, but the Disney princess movies start it at a young age.  My point is that I think that parents should make it clear that the “prince” isn’t the most important thing in life when their younger girls are beginning to watch those movies.


3 thoughts on “All About a Guy

  1. I have never seen this video and after I watched it last night, I couldn’t stop laughing, I immediately had to show all of my friends. And that’s why it is such a great meme because I can guarante that almost every girl can relate to this. Me and my girlfriends quote Mean Girls on almost a daily basis (I know, its sad), but it has such a relevance to our lives; even growing up as a young girl watching Disney movies and envying the lives these princesses had bot even realizing how ‘inappropriate’ it may have been. With that being said, I think you did a great job analyzing this meme and the affect it has on young girls and women in today’s society.

  2. You’re definitely right about the true messages that some of the Disney movies may send to young kids, both girls and boys. Also, the bully aspect of many of them is equally enlightening to think about. I actually know some parents who won’t allow their kids to watch Disney entertainment because of some of the reasons you’ve touched on here.

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