By: Alexa Aiello

Purpose of the Generated Meme

I chose to use this meme because it shows a very controversial topic in society. The picture represents a southern man using sarcasm to display his racist beliefs against African Americans. This meme was created to humor people, however the message it sends can be very offensive to many. I have seen more memes with the same picture but different captions and they all are offensive to a certain race or gender. This meme even has a Twitter account and believe it or not, has thousands of followers.

The Greater Relevance

This meme was an attempt to turn a racist and offensive statement into something more humorous. In a way, the post can be offensive to two groups of people. African Americans, because the caption is clearly stating that the man in the photo does not like like them, and Southerners because many Southern people may feel that this is just a stereotype and that it does not apply to them. Overall, the entire meme is conveying a message of racism and is very stereotypical of both African Americans and Southerners. The point of this meme was to make a humorous statement, yet that may not be what many people take from it.

The Semiotic Approach

The man in the photo states, “There are two things that piss me off in this world- racism and black people.” The caption very clearly sends the message to the audience that this meme was meant to convey a racist message. Their goal was not unintentional and both Southerners and African Americans would probably find this post to be racist and stereotypical of their culture. What is even more disturbing is that this is just one meme out of many that has the same photo, but distributes a different offensive message. The goal of this meme was to send a humorous message. Even the site that it came from is named funnyjunk.com. Although this meme is causing controversy, it amazes me to see that many people do find them to be humorous. Having thousands of followers on their Twitter account, people seem to either agree or ignore these offensive posts. This may just be the way society ignores the issue, but I feel that memes such as these show how stereotypical and racist society truly can be.

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4 thoughts on “The Racist Redneck: Offensive or Not?

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that the Twitter account for this has thousands of followers because the target audience of the group is for people who probably are somewhat racist. Not only is this offensive to African Americans, but definitely to Southerners trying to escape this image.

    correction: in the third paragraph you meant to type “meme” but instead typed mean.

  2. i think this is interesting but i think you should also talk about , in the semantics part, how this meme sends the idea that not liking black people is not considered racist. He clearly hates racism but he doesn’t like black people so we can assume that he believe it is not racist to dislike black people…food for thought

  3. I think there’s something more complicated going on here. I think it’s offensive to African Americans only in the sense that the person depicted is obviously a racist (or at least the character he portrays: we don’t actually know anything about the real person). These memes cleverly get at the idea that racism is so much a part of society that for some it is natural: they acknowledge the evils of racism without any consideration for what it means.

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