­Not In My House

By Maria Nevarez­- St. John Fisher College

February 11, 2013

political meme

Curator’s Note

This picture clearly and cleverly depicts Barack basically telling Mitt Romney that nobody is taking his place for the next four years, as the saying goes “this is my house”. I chose this meme for a couple of reasons, one being that the election was significant to me because, in the first election, when I voted for Obama, it was the first election that I was able to vote. It felt very important to me because it was also a milestone in a few other ways, choosing between a women and possibly the first African American president of the United States. I watched all of the debates and was invested in seeing if my choice four years ago would continue for another four years. There is a lot of cultural significance to the saying “this is my house”. It has been used in numerous movies, one of which is “Home Alone” where basically, the same situation in a different context was taking place. Other people tried to take what was his, he fought back and won. Taking a look deeper into the meaning of the picture, I think one could take this picture to also mean that Mitt Romney was trying to “buy” the American public and the seat in the coveted white house oval office with his campaign. Whoever did this political meme was clearly an Obama supporter and wasn’t afraid to show it. It shows that no matter what people try to throw at him, he can and will handle it. With respect to the title of this article, I thought, “Not in my house” would be fitting. I’m sure that many people have seen the commercial that I believe debuted on Superbowl Sunday with the basketball player Dikembe Mutombo. However, for those of you who haven’t, it is a Geico commercial where the basketball player goes around and blocks all of the shots people make, whether it is throwing something away or putting groceries into your cart at the store, he blocks them all. In the end, it’s still Obama’s house and it will be for the next four years. Buy the American people? This photo is like Obama saying “Not in my house!” This is just my interpretation, I respect other peoples views and opinions.

Geico Commercial:


5 thoughts on “Not In My House

  1. Corrections – I would include, at the end of the post, the video of the Geico commercial you talk about. Also, I would get rid of “There’s a point in this, I promise,” – it’s not needed.

  2. I agree with how you tied this picture into the thought that Romney was trying to “buy” the White House. It’s also telling how the tone of the caption fits the tone of the election – very smug yet still cordial. It’s almost to say that the candidates are still very much the same even though they try to be so different. The past two elections have indeed been very significant as the first African-American was voted into the highest elected office in the country- as well as the first woman nearly getting the chance as well.

  3. I enjoyed reading this interpretation of the meme representing the Presidential campaign in which Obama won once again for the next four years. I have to agree with you in all aspects, especially how the meme directly implies that Obama was pretty much unstoppable. Throughout all of Romney’s efforts to overthrow President Obama, Obama prevailed and showed him who is boss! It kind of reminds me of the Under Armor commercials that state “WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!” I find this meme so intriguing and hilarious; intriguing because I wish there was more dialogue shown between the two, yet hilarious because I love the sense of sarcasm that is supposedly directed by Obama – Great choice overall.

  4. I also agree with the above comment prior to mine, with having to do with the correction. Your point is made clear with your explanation so stating it like so is not needed.

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