By: Alexis Zakala

I think this meme has a lot to do with our past and current discussions in class thus far. There exists a major controversy between the good and bad of the company Apple. I feel that many people are unaware of the minor details that could make or break one’s decision to purchase such products…or they just don’t care. After attending the Steve Jobs play at GeVa my eyes were truly open to all that was unknown to me. Not only their poor working conditions for just employees, but the fact that they contain so much power in society today scares me to think they can completely control anything and everything. Especially with such a major number of people having apple products, it’s everywhere. This meme is almost in a mocking way showing how un-original their work is and how simple it is for them to claim it.

The Apple business meme is a sarcastic display of the power that the Apple company contains. They can do almost anything and get away with it or simply cover it up without harm. It is clear to me that many people are just unaware of such terrifying conditions. The fact that 75% of the given apple is made up of other people’s work is unfair in the sense that because they are so popular, they receive all the credit and therefore, all the money. The remaining 25% comes from taking action in suing the companies that steal from them. It is unclear if Apple themselves are punished for these actions, but it is interesting to think about.

Regarding the major company Apple, the meme has stated that it is mainly unfair how much they benefit from others hard work. Taking the credit for pieces of technology and claiming them your own is not fair in any case. Now if they would acknowledge such creators or paid them in a way I could see how it would be different. But it is not. And we as a society are so out of the loop with information that could be crucial to the purchases we make. Memes like this can be helpful in revealing useful information or just seen as another thing to laugh at; you decide.


3 thoughts on “Bad Apple?

  1. I love that you incorporated the play that we watched into your project. The only thing that I would add, is to give just a brief sentence or so in your first paragraph introducing the Apple Company, incase readers are not familiar with what you are introducing right away.

    “The remaining 25% of their revenue comes from taking action is suing the companies that steal from them. It is unclear if Apple themselves are punished for their given stealing at all, but it is interesting to think about.” These two sentences are just a little wordy. Try rewording them. Overall I really like that the play had such a big impact on you, and you were able to find a meme that went along with those beliefs!

  2. I agree and disagree with this meme. I realize that this topic has been in the new quite a bit with Apple trying to stifle Samsung. However, I feel like there is nothing new with technology and software and other technology aspects are used with many other companies and platforms all the time. Just because they use something that someone else uses doesn’t make it stealing, but I agree that they shouldn’t try to stifle other companies from competing with them. A good example of this would be the issue of the page turn. Apple claimed this as their own but other companies said that they have had this for a while. My answer to this is that, as far as I know, Apple is the only one that has the sort of 3D like page turn where you can actually see it turning, whereas Nook for example is a swipe for a page turn, you can’t actually see it turning like a real book would.

    Corrections: I only have one small correction after reading your meme. The sentence in “greater relevance” where it says “The remaining 25% of their revenue comes from taking action is suing the companies that steal from them.” instead of “is” I would say “in”.

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