By Chelsea Marshall

The preist's Boner

The preist’s Boner

Children all over the world grew up watching Disney movies; classics include Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and much more. These movies shaped childhoods, inspired girls to be princesses and boys to be kings, but have we ever really watched these movies and their implications. Yes we know the basics the Prince saves the girl and they live happily ever after but what about the sexual implications of these cartoons. What about the things we cannot see right away? The YouTube Mash-up video shows us just how sexual these movies were. For example in the little mermaid when the priest is marrying Ursula and the prince he has a boner. We know she has a spell on the prince but who knew it was working on the Priest as well. Also the mash up points out that on Ariel’s castle there is a penis as a part of the castle. This is just one cartoon. In Alice in the Wonderland we all realize the caterpillar is high off of “Hookah.” It gets even worse when you realize that the stars above Simba’s head spell out sex when he is thinking about Nala.

Simba thinking about Nala

Simba thinking about Nala

The controversy is quite simple these are children’s movies should they really be exposed to these sexual ideas. We expect these things from movies like Shrek and Family guy but not Disney. Although many would say that these messages are so subliminal a kid could not even figure them out many others believe that it is not up to Disney to make the decision of what they should and should not be exposed to. Rated PG means PG, not PG with hidden discrete subliminal messages.

The Little Mermaid's Castle

The Little Mermaid’s Castle

Sex is a part of life and in the end we all learn about it one way or another but I believe the purpose of this mash- up is to provide awareness. Just because something is PG doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate, even popular names like Disney have robbed children of their innocence by using obscenities like the ones in the video. Parents should be aware of what they are showing their children. These movies shape childhoods and do you want your child to be shaped by sexuality and drugs from the subliminal messages in Disney movies. The real issue is not just Disney movies but all movies we allow our kids to watch. Parents should screen movies before children watch them.



4 thoughts on “Disney Movies and their Perversion

  1. I have actually seen this before and I was completely shocked. I didn’t see it until a year or two ago and went my entire childhood unaware of this. I agree with the fact that obviously every child will hear about sex, although I do not believe it should be in something so innocent as a Disney movie. I’m not sure that even all parents are aware of the subliminal messages Disney is sending. People seem to look into things a lot deeper than others and maybe some people don’t even realize this is happening. I still do not think it is right for this type of messaging to be in a Disney movie, but maybe something more PG-13.

  2. I’m not sure that I agree with every movie that you mentioned having a sexual reference, but I will say I have heard one that you didn’t mention. In Aladdin, when he is climbing up the balcony to see Jasmin, and her pet tiger is growling at him, Aladdin says “down kitty, down kitty, take off your clothes”. While I agree that there are some references to this kind of content, I also think that for some of the other ones, people are either making things up online or just exaggerating, trying to find something wrong with disney movies. This is interesting though, and it makes me want to go back and watch these movies to see if what I said about things being made up online is actually true or not.

  3. I’ve done a lot of searching on this stuff because i was surprised when I first heard abut these things. I’m not sure if I can agree though. I feel like people are taking this to the extreme because a lot of these things aren’t what they seem. The “sex” in the Lion King was actually meant to to say “SFX” which stood for special effects, and the boner on the priest was supposed to be his knee, even though I will agree it looks suggestive. I think people take these images and try to make them a bigger deal than hey actually are.

  4. This is certainly an ongoing discussion, but many of these shots only appear for a few frames or less–much less than a second. I think the animators were having some fun, but I’m not sure it really has any effect on viewers. I think a more interesting question might be why these moments are discussed as much as they are: perhaps the animators are in some way commenting that indeed, there are real adults making these films?

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